Oh!Hello‘s follow-up to their delightful EP Beachy, is a curious thing.

Originally a solo project, this Portland, Oregon band is composed of frontman Michael Todd Berland, Jordan Strickland and Nate Morse. They have already collaborated with other NW bands such as Grifflin Taylor (Faire du Surf) and Ed Hanson (Greate Horned Owl).

Their latest set Spooky is a seven-track album released last October 27 and recorded under Vampire Factory.

The album is a strange mix of pop wilderness and aesthetic pleasure. It launches with Good Evening, a perfect opening track to set the spooky theme throughout. The techniques used are amazing such as the echoing electric vocals creating a sound of water ripples. This, accompanied with subtle acoustic strums and some chirping birds transport you to the middle of a forest during twilight.

Ghost Party is a must-hear. Berland manages to blend tribal beats with rhythmic ukuleles resulting in a satisfying upbeat song.

Haunted House is a pitch-perfect gem with soothing vocals that stretches throughout the whole track. This song will surely calm your senses after a busy day.

The album ends in the stripped down track entitled Wolfie. I loved the layered hypnotic voice of Berland along with playful strings which is the forefront of this song. The whistling sound on some parts are perfectly placed, producing a charming track that you’d want to listen again and again.

I admire Oh!Hello because it explores other musical avenues. Their sound reflects how much potential and creativity they have. Currently, the band is recording its full debut album (Wilderness), I can’t wait to check this out!

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