Chill acoustic covers of old (or recent) folk favorites? Yes, please!

This is the very idea of The Sarcastic Dharma Society‘s 2009 collection, Other People’s Songs (Volume One). While we have yet to see a volume two, the rich feel of this 10-track album is still as fresh as yesterday’s produce, lessening our clamor for a new one.

the sarcastic dharma society

The brief “You Swan Go On” serves as the opening salvo of the set, whose near-professional production hides the fact that vocalist Mat Vuksinich recorded it within the confines of his own home.

The madness, at least lyrically, continues on the swear-filled “Shit On My Heart” — the Meyercord original’s title should give you an idea. On the other hand, don’t be fooled by the somber mood of “Our House“, as it’s one of the brighter offerings here.

We’ll always be partial to the last tune, and incidentally a Beatles cover, “Don’t Let Me Down.” Without the beats and the raging chorus, it becomes an anthem for longing, which seems to be Vuksinich’s point for the entire album.

He certainly didn’t let us down.

Track listing:
1. You Swan Go On
2. Shit On My Heart
3. Bad Bad Things
4. Find Love
5. Our House
6. Untitled
7. Simeon’s Dilemma
8. First Day Of My Life
9. The Poison
10. Don’t Let Me Down

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