Sneaker Pimps

Phototaxis: Pretty Ugly

Phototaxis is a special band that's made primarily of Yael Feldinger (lead vocalist and singer;) as well as Itay Tsuk (composer, arranger and pianist.) They're joined together by the talented crew of Nir Blum, Roy Cheled, Yael Geva and Neta Cohen Shani. The band is only a couple of years old, but they seem poised for success; having their debut record come out to critical praise in their home country of Israel. Fusing a lush set of tracks that echo jazz, blues and a trip hop atmosphere; Pretty Ugly is a strong record that aims to please its listeners and does it successfully.

Screenatorium: Blue Morning EP

Acoustic downtempo beats that makes you wish trip hop reigns supreme once again. Screenatorium is like the long lost trip hop band that should have come out of the 90s; back when it was still the heyday of trip hop music. Not to say that their style is outdated, but it certainly brings back a lot of 90s trippy bands to mind. Screenatorium is a French band primarily headed by composer and musician Djeh. He enlists the help of Nawelle Saidi and Nelly Burn on vocals as well as Niet who serves as official graphist. Their mellow music definitely sparks interest and is perfect for a relaxing afternoon filled with mood music.