Noelle Ricci: In The Tapestry

In the Tapestry is the debut album of Noelle Ricci. According to Ricci’s Bandcamp post, this album is “about all constant emotions of fear, anxiety, and love that we face through our lives.” And this collection did not disappoint. The first few minutes of this track is addictively insane. Clutter will surprise you because it so unlike the usual pop tunes. Ricci’s voice is soulful but with a sharp edge that makes the track more powerful.

Tiny Fireflies

This tiny release from October of last year might include only three tracks but since all of them got an instant pass to my lovely iTunes library I thought that they just might find their way into yours. In reality Tiny Fireflies are Lisle from the band Fireflies and Kristine from Tiny Microphone. However, together as a duo they call themselves Tiny Fireflies. Their music is a wonderful combination of melancholic, sensitive pop sounds and dreamlike vocals that are sure to catch your attention. Making waves and gaining new amazing fans wherever they go, the duo have already performed some of their new creations at NYC Popfest in May and are on their way to perform in Chicago alongside the Ladybug Transistor.