In the Tapestry is the debut album of Noelle Ricci. According to Ricci’s Bandcamp post, this album is “about all constant emotions of fear, anxiety, and love that we face through our lives.” And this collection did not disappoint.

The first few minutes of this track is addictively insane. Clutter will surprise you because it so unlike the usual pop tunes. Ricci’s voice is soulful but with a sharp edge that makes the track more powerful.

Infectious melody and relishing lyrics, these made up Running Away, a runaway winner among the tracks. It has the “LSS” factor and not to mention Ricci’s soulful voice that amazingly complements this pop track.

Off the Wall is a playful and charming track that showcases more of the feminine soulfulness of Ricci’s vocals. This promising track is very fun to listen to. It is sassy, flirty, and amusing that will make you sway along with the beats.


Contrary to its title, Softly is a powerful track. This track is moving to a bit jazzy and soul. The power that this song has is based solely with the artist. Ricci’s vocals is indeed is versatile.

Noelle Ricci‘s powerful vocals is her weapon that she wisely uses. Her vocals is beyond average for pop music genre. And we hope to hear more of her tunes soon.

Track List:
1. Clutter
2. Running Away
3. Your Eyes
4. Off The Wall
5. Softly
6. Homeless As The Wind
7. Snow
8. Flowers Between Pages
9. Go Back To Bed

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