split EP

Ben Latimer | Chase Loyd: Split EP

Ben Latimer and Chase Loyd’s Split EP emanates a true-to-the-core feel that is impossible to fake. Released last July 2013, this six-track EP is a product of Missouri’s talents Chase Loyd and Ben Latimer. The project attempts to combines the best of country and folk with an expressive voice that makes you believe every word.

Happiness: Tar… Feathers Split

Tar...Feathers Split is a short 4-track teaser EP from Swedish groups Happiness and Tar...Feathers. Producing and showcasing lo-fi indie pop rock tracks that make you dance and squirm like a psyched up indie geek; these two bands sure know how to get you up and moving. Not only do these two groups share the same band members but they also have a penchant for creating 80s dance rock music, with a tad more funk and way better compared to the oldies. The actual album is worth checking out as it features 5 tracks from the Tar...Feathers and about 6 songs from Happiness. For the meantime, this short 4 track teaser EP is a great listen and serves as the perfect introduction to these talented bands.