Tar…Feathers Split is a short 4-track teaser EP from Swedish groups Happiness and Tar…Feathers. Producing and showcasing lo-fi indie pop rock tracks that make you dance and squirm like a psyched up indie geek; these two bands sure know how to get you up and moving.

Not only do these two groups share the same band members but they also have a penchant for creating 80s dance rock music, with a tad more funk and way better compared to the oldies.

The actual album is worth checking out as it features 5 tracks from the Tar…Feathers and about 6 songs from Happiness. For the meantime, this short 4 track teaser EP is a great listen and serves as the perfect introduction to these talented bands.

This teaser EP opens with Look at that rabbit go! This one features cool Cure-style vocals and a mix of hip 80s electronica.  It’s an upbeat track that does have an early Modest Mouse feel to it. It’s then followed by the C.I.A, which opens with a quiet tempo and interesting sounding vocals. Listening to this makes me think of a less upbeat a-ha. It’s a beautiful track that maintains a nice beat throughout. Again, the references to early 80s music is apparent. From the vocals to the twinkling piano and synth sound near the end.

Meanwhile, Neighbourhood, opens with a more jaunty beat. Like something you would hear on Ferris Bueller or The Breakfast Club. The simplicity of the song is endearing, making you head bob and skip a step or two. Finally, Feet Fail Me Again helps to cap off a nice compilation.

Pretty much, this teaser is a great way to listen to these two awesome bands. If you love that retro feel in your music, then feel free to download this one. You can also buy the album here.

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