Ben Latimer and Chase Loyd’s Split EP emanates a true-to-the-core feel that is impossible to fake. Released last July 2013, this six-track EP is a product of Missouri’s talents Chase Loyd and Ben Latimer. The project attempts to combines the best of country and folk with an expressive voice that makes you believe every word.

Moreover, this EP offers effortlessness with just a few instruments playing at the same time, but with the proper use of poetry, rhythm, melody, and harmony, the underlying meaning of each song is unlocked for the audience.

Welcoming track My Last Two Weeks gives off a country song vibe. It reminds me of Philip Philips music. The singing is warm and temperate and emotionally expressive without any sign of strain.

On the other hand, Somehow starts with an intro using an acoustic guitar. It offers a slow melody coupled with heavy strumming of guitar. The lightness of the arrangement suggests that the singer is ready to let go until you get to the end.

Last Summer is a pleasure to the ears. The delicate instrument playing joined with the singers beautiful voice is a relaxing treat to euphoria. The song depicts a person reminiscing about the events that happened on the previous summer. It tells more of the story of two lovers drifting apart.

A moving release, Split EP demands continual plays. This EP serves just the right sugar in your black coffee every morning.

Track List:
1. My Last Two Weeks
2. Somehow
3. Last Summer
4. Ben Latimer – Chemicals, Blamed for Everything
5. Ben Latimer – A Metaphor Like a Simile
6. Ben Latimer – How to Want What You Have

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