Inner Steppe

Treat your eyes with another stellar short film by Alex Schulz. Inner Steppe is a stop-motion animation based on the work of Herman Hesse and Carl Gustav Jung. Just like the character of Harry Haller in Hesse's Steppenwolf, the film revolves around an isolated main character who traverses the inner landscapes of his ego consciousness and collective unconsciousness. Through this process, he meets different characters that impersonates his repressed needs and pleasures in life.

Jon Lemmon: Kindling EP

For those who are seeking a light-feel high, Jon Lemmon's Kindling EP will surely satisfy your needs. Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, Lemmon is a songwriter and performer rolled into one. Released last August 31 2010, this EP offers five fantastic tracks that's too good to be left unheard. Somewhere With Something opens up with a danceable vibe. It's incredibly listenable due to its blend of pop beats and gentle cooing vocals.