For those who are seeking a light-feel high, Jon Lemmon‘s Kindling EP will surely satisfy your needs.

Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, Lemmon is a songwriter and performer rolled into one. Released last August 31 2010, this EP offers five fantastic tracks that’s too good to be left unheard.

Somewhere With Something opens up with a danceable vibe. It’s incredibly listenable due to its blend of pop beats and gentle cooing vocals.

Constructed a bit differently, The Inside of a Corner standouts with emphasis on drumbeats. Lemmon’s musical brand of ambient soothing tunes are also spread throughout the track. On the other hand, Nowhere in a Room takes its focus on low and thick guitar play-ups. I personally like how the instrumentation slowly blooms into your ears.

Steppenwolf, pg. 247 is as peculiar as its title. This feel good bopping track closes with a soft kick.

Kindling EP displays gorgeous ambient tunes along with several layers of nice, gentle sounds that aren’t too uplifting and cheesy.

Jon Lemmon treats you as a mature listener submerging and growing with each track. It’s definitely a brilliant album that needs to be put on repeat.

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