The Cribs

Tsars: Whispers EP

Fairly new in the indie music world, Tsars only got together early this year. Considering the short time, the guys have managed to release two compilations. Whispers EP is their first official debut and contains 6 tracks bordering on indie alternative to a floaty Brit hipster sound. Their sound is reminiscent of lazy hipster rock and makes me think of The Cribs only more melancholic. Made up of Alexi Mcnulty Bakas (Vocals/ Guitar), Corey Eyres (Guitar/ B.Vocals), Ross Powley (Bass/ B.Vocals) and Lawrence Artitzone (Drums/ B.Vocals.) They've been playing around together in different bands before deciding to form this one.

Quentin: A Gig At The Dachshund Breeder’s Club House

Quentin is a German band that spits out punk rock tracks that you might not understand but is definitely a hell-of-a-lot-of fun to listen to. This three piece German band has definitely got spunk and tons of attitude. A Gig At The Dachshund Breeder's Club House is said to be more than one-year in the making yet it seems to be the product of a spontaneous live performance or get together in the studio. It has plenty of energy, attitude and a touch of cheekiness here and there. Definitely a cool 7-track compilation worth checking out. It's a bit of pop, Brit rock, new wave and punk all rolled into one interesting and upbeat record. Give it a download.