The velvet undergound

Young Men: Songs of Praise

With their droned out indie rock, you can almost tell that these guys are from Chicago. It seems there's a strong urge for retro style lofi rock in the area and Young Men are definitely on the bandwagon. Songs of Praise is a 10-track debut compilation for duo T Smith and Drew B. Having formed just back in 2010, the crew are still in their early stages but their sound already rings with a nice sound. Recorded in their home studio, Young Men is a great group to watch out for.

The Shark Bubbles: Necktie Troublespot

Call it noise rock, psychedelic electronic dance pop or indie spacerock, whatever it is, Necktie Troublespot by The Shark Bubbles is, well, something else. This German band's music has been likened to those of great rockers The Velvet Underground, and it's not just the Nico-esque female vocals we're talking about. Necktie Troublespot is an eclectic album filled with uncharacteristic song arrangements, diverse instrument work and music that appeals to your senses.