Daniel Mackley: Just an Ocean

Young prodigies are the thing nowadays, breeding the likes of Daniel Mackley. At only 17 years old, the South Yorkshire native started [months ago] by posting covers of alternative favorites on YouTube. Now, Daniel hopes to expand his horizon even more through his debut EP, Just an Ocean, which collects three original compositions and a cover medley.

JoSefina: Silhouettes

As if the world didn’t have enough sadcore acts, another one comes trailing. Bruna Cardoso, calling herself professionally as JoSefina, takes a stab at the industry with her debut EP, Silhouettes, which she releases independently at Bandcamp. Sure, the tracks as a raw as they can be, but the spirit and brevity is there, showing all of us that in due time, this girl’s going to have her place in the sun (or our iPods, in that matter).