Young prodigies are the thing nowadays, breeding the likes of Daniel Mackley.

At only 17 years old, the South Yorkshire native started [months ago] by posting covers of alternative favorites on YouTube. Now, Daniel hopes to expand his horizon even more through his debut EP, Just an Ocean, which collects three original compositions and a cover medley.

Highly reflective of his Sheffield busking is the introductory track, “Bridges“, taking us back to basics with minimal instrumentation; he only uses drums, guitar, and a xylophone-sounding tool to complement a songwriting that’s beyond his years.

The title track, “Just an Ocean“, goes a bit deep as he gets “lost in time together” and “forever” with a loved one whom he metaphorizes to just anything, the ocean being the most prevalent. “I Know“, the succeeding entry, on the other hand, is a rather bitter entry that refutes the “lovelorn”-iness of the previous.

Concluding the EP is a medley of “Get Lucky“, “No Diggity“, and “Thrift Shop“, three rap songs that were cleverly reworked into a tasteful acoustic romp. We sincerely hope he does “Blurred Lines” too.

If this production already sounds professional, how much more if it’s a label-backed one?

Track listing:
1. Bridges
2. Just an Ocean
3. I Know
4. Get Lucky/No Diggity/Thrift Shop

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