Transferring sensitive data from one computer to another can become a bit tricky but even more when you are not sure whether the data on the old computer can be completely wiped out or not. For instances like this, DataNoodlesLite can become a great option.

This small program helps you safely delete any or all of your important files after transferring them to another computer or disposing of an old equipment. It is a great program that helps keep sensitive and personal information from getting into the wrong hands.With DataNoodlesLite, you can easily delete any confidential emails, documents, reports that you know would mean big trouble if it reaches the wrong hands. Even if your disk drive might not contain such big information, it would be worth it to protect simple personal information as well. How many of us have actually purchased something online with our credit cards and received notification from it? The email information on the email notice can be used by cyber hackers if they somehow they managed to retrieve the information from an old drive.

The program permanently deletes your selected files or folders and it can support NTFS, FAT32, and FAT. The program utilizes a very powerful algorithm program that makes it impossible to completely wipe out data. You can also control the amount of data you want to delete and the purity of the cleanup.

Best of all, the program is easy to use with a very friendly interface that you can master in no time.

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