Free RAR Extract Frog helps in extracting RAR files as well as downloading those that are already damaged.
If you are having problems downloading RAR files (a compressed PDF) or the message is telling you it’s a damaged file, this software is just the answer.

Simply right click, open and save it as a PDF or whatever else you want it as. It does the same job for audio and video files.

The above method is the way I started out – I didn’t even read the instructions but enjoyed the cute little picture of the frog watching my files download (the little thing seemed so invested in the process). In a few minutes I had a 90 page PDF downloaded.

Alternatively and the more common method of using the RAR Frog is to drag and drop the RAR file. The drag and drop method is also popular among those who want to change the program’s skin by simply dropping a JPG image on the image of the frog.

To speed the decompression process up even more, it has the option of defining a default output folder or a default password.

Free RAR frog downloads quickly, is light on even a Netbook and is a no-brainer to use. No other paid program can match it. Okay, the paid for competitors may have some add-ons, but for sheer extraction and downloading, Free RAR Extract Frog is miles ahead.

It includes short instructions in over 50 languages and a cute frog icon!

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