Murder in New York is a great detective game for your PC. Help the Special Enquiry Detail crack the case and catch the criminal.

Here you are in charge of investigation of the murder of Phelps Carmody, socialite and daughter of a prominent New York billionaire known for his charitable work. You’ll find yourself immersed in the case as a New York City detective pursuing the truth.

Your job is not just to uncover, but also to protect and serve. It’s up to you to find the answers hidden within stunning scenes, tricky puzzles and cool mini-games that keep you on your toes for hours. This game aims and succeeds at being an immersive experience with graphics that accurately depict the big apple.

The game includes a walk through to help you work efficiently from the start and make sure you don’t lose the leads while trying to work out the rules and features. If you love working out a crime Agatha Christie’s style or fancy yourself on CSI, this game will grab you.

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