Grand Master Chess 3 will polish and push your chess skills even further, making you a better chess player and providing hours of entertainment.

Now, there is a plethora of other chess computer/mobile games out there, from Master Chess Chessmaster to Grand Chess Master etc., but if you are looking for something that stands out be sure to head straight to the Grand Master Chess 3 , one of the most straight forward yet one of the most realistic offerings out there.


Grand Chess Master 3 sometimes calls itself a ‘chess simulator’. It features a multiplayer system that can pit you against friends and family members. Or else you can play in solo mode against the computer. But whether your are just a beginner or a professional, you’ll be impressed at how it adapts and challenges you.

The game also comes equipped with a computer intellect adjustment which means it is capable of selecting preset installations. Some of the other simple but handy features include the ability to listen to your own music or the sound effects as you play. There’s also a particularly enlightening hint system that shows you several steps ahead.
However the best of all feature is the 3D look of the chess board and your ability to rotate it and check out your options from different perspectives.

All this on Grand Chess Master 3 is free but for advanced functions and real difficult games to get you tournament ready, you’ll need to pay for the upgrade.

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