Snowmix has many functions, but it is essentially a computer software that allows you to mix recorded and live video feeds. The program was developed by Peter Maersk-Moller and the Copenhagen Suborbitals StreamTeam. The project came about because existing Linux video encoders didnít have the features the developers wanted, namely to combine several video streams and graphics, text and video overlaying.

This open source program supports limitless frame rates, geometries, and video feeds. Its individual linear pattern allows you to change background shading. Background shade for text can be transparent or solid. But Snowmix has a lot more to offer.

This video mixer has alpha blending and limitless vector based rotation. You can place vector based (font based) texts above or below a video. You can choose any color and there is no limit to how many you can add. Other notable features are script language overlay command language, video image alpha blending, video image vector rotation and scaling (vector based).

Aside from having unlimited virtual feeds, Snowmix has numerous effects, PAR handling, and many more. You can use PNG graphics and text. The support for transparent, scaling and clipping overlay makes mixing easier.

Snowmix can function as a CLI program and be managed over limited bandwidth. Using GStreamer pipelines, you will be able to transmit video feeds in the mixer. The GStreamer pipeline is where you can access the output. What makes the mixer most effective though, are the unlimited effects and text you can add.

Snowmix currently has support for Linux platforms only. But the product is being continuously updated; cross platform may be coming soon.

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