If you are into video-editing and are always hunting for an open-source, full-fledged video-editor, then your search ends here. Open Movie Editor is the way to go for amateur to semi-pro video editing needs.

The Open video-editor has a large number of developers and is supported by a huge community of artists and indie project developers. The biggest downside of this capable software would be that it is only Linux compatible and does not support the use of operational systems.

The biggest boon for users of Open Movie Editor would be the huge range of formats it supports, including various Frame Rates, Frame Sizes, Video Codecs and Video Containers. The more picky crowd can stay happy with the plethora of tools and filters available for use, which make the final output look even more appealing.

Overall, the software holds some of the neatest features that will suffice for every amateur editor and it really does the job well. Being an Open-Source software, the developer allows users to modify it and use as-per-will.

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