Photo and video editing apps are a dime in a dozen on mobile, but Musemage from Paraken Technology sets itself apart in terms of presentation and features. It is a professional level quality photo video editor which comes with real time filters and multiple shooting modes.

At the bottom of the screen is the control interface where you access all the effects. The Blue Screen is one of its most interesting features. When you enable Blue Screen, you can replace a background with another one by just double tapping it, and it works best with backgrounds of a single or few colors.

Just double tap the background and Musemage will replace it with another photo from your library. You can even use a video as the background as the app will loop it. With this effect for example, you can make it appear like you are in another place.

Magic Color is another cool effect as it allows you to replace colors by using the Magic Color option. With a few taps you can change the sky from day to night or change clothes, vehicle colors and so on.

There are also dozens of photo filters in the app and they’re applied basically the same way. Just swipe the controls until you see the effect you like, tap it and adjust the sliders until you get the desired effect. You can do the same thing with videos as well. Musemage is also one of the few mobile apps that offers face beautifying effects similar to what you would get in desktop applications.

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