iSpending is an app for the iOS that allows you to keep track of your expenses right on your mobile. Developed by Hana Mobile, the app is intuitive and very easy to use. Upon launch you will see reports for your annual, monthly, weekly and daily expenses.


Right on the homepage you will be able to calculate your financial losses and gains. With iSpending you can add a name/reason, amount, date and category, plus it also has a note section if you want to add something to it. The app has many pre-fixed categories but itís very easy to add more if you want.

The Report page is where all the action is, as it will show you all the data you put in even in the form of a pie chart. It might seem a bit much, but pie charts and graphs are actually very useful especially if youíre trying to check where most of your money is going.

iSpending also has a search function built in so you can edit and verify an entry if necessary. The search engine can look for expenditures via category, note keyword, dollar amount and name. You can search by date though.

The default settings for iSpending are all right, but you can make some changes to make it feel more customized. Plus you can export your financial report into your email. Itís also good to know that you can lock the app with a password.

iSpending has a paid version and the major difference is that it is ad free and second, it has a recurring transactions feature. But for basic accounting of expenses, the free version works just fine.

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