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Pick Up Sticks

Pick Up Sticks is a retro game where you pick and pull out sticks (hopefully) without making the pile fall. The added fun comes in as you explore and play in different modes and challenge other players online.
Pocket Monkey iPhone Game Logo

Pocket Monkey

The quality of games on iOS is undoubtedly great and some of them really know how to stand out from other games. The same goes for Pocket Monkey and this is tough competition for a big player like Temple Run. Pocket Monkey was developed by Game Cell and though they do not have a plethora of apps under-their-belt, this game is a masterpiece in its own right.


Flipboard is your virtual news magazine for the iOS and Android. Created by Flipboard Inc, the app allows you to create a custom magazine. From it you can browse tweets, get Facebook newsfeeds, YouTube videos and many more. Once you install Flipboard, you�ll see boxes on the main page. To put contents on each box, just tap it. The Content Guide will appear showing you categories like Tech, Food & Design, Business, Arts and more. There are suggestions available for popular online news magazines, sports columnists� tweets and more. Just tap the Add button to include it.