Software or Games for iPad

Pick Up Sticks

Pick Up Sticks is a retro game where you pick and pull out sticks (hopefully) without making the pile fall. The added fun comes in as you explore and play in different modes and challenge other players online.

Bub – Wider

Bub or Bub Wider is a free puzzle adventure game that will have you playing constantly with your iPad. The objective is to protect a bubble that creates seed crackers. Made by ablemagic The action takes place in lush dreamy, surreal forests. The lush graphics is definitely one of the most striking features of the game. Players also have to avoid Suggerbabies, Thurns and Zanpets. Each Bublevel (as they are called) is linked with a specific forest. You can play in Classic or Action mode. Each scenario is full of the art-like graphics. The sounds and music are also pretty good. At only 9 MB, the game is a quick download.
Pocket Monkey iPhone Game Logo

Pocket Monkey

The quality of games on iOS is undoubtedly great and some of them really know how to stand out from other games. The same goes for Pocket Monkey and this is tough competition for a big player like Temple Run. Pocket Monkey was developed by Game Cell and though they do not have a plethora of apps under-their-belt, this game is a masterpiece in its own right.

SketchBook Express

Some users refer to SketchBook Express as the Mac Version of Windows Paint, but it's more powerful. Created by AutoDesk, it offers casual users an easy way to learn how to paint and draw. Those who know little about drawing and painting will learn the ropes quickly. A blank canvas greets you after launching the app. One window has controls for redo, undo, colors and shapes. Pencils, erasers, pens and brushes are stored in another window. You also have flood fill tools, brushes for sharpening and blurring.