SugarSync is the app that syncs all your data and backs them up too. Available for the iOS and Android, it makes it easy for you to access all your files. Developed by SugarSync Inc you can sync, search, access and share files. Whether you want to share documents, photos, music or videos, it’s easy to do.

This mobile app can put all the files in your computers right in your hands, so you can access them anytime you want and need them. With SugarSync it is very easy to manage, edit, view and share files whether you have a tablet or smartphone. It is also easy to search for folders and files, including those you privately share.

With SugarSync you can sync folders and files at the cloud to your smartphone or tablet for viewing offline. Any changes you make will be detected automatically and sync them. Another nice feature of SugarSync is it will back up your videos and photos automatically to your computers without the need to mess with cables. The app will detect your new picture, back it and sync it to your other gadgets. All this is done automatically.


Probably the best feature of SugarSync is it will sync to your computer any changes you make to the file on your device. And you can also use this app to limit the folders you want to share to just a few people. This feature makes collaboration easy and you use public links to share files, and even send those links over text, email, SMS, Twitter and Facebook.

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