My Data Manager by Mobidia Technology is an app (iOS, Android) that will monitor your data usage. If you find yourself often going past the allocated limit, this should prove to be a useful app. However, this doesn’t just track data usage as it can do a lot more. One of the most useful though, is letting you see a data monthly forecast so you can stretch it out.

My Data Manager

What’s more, My Data Manager provides suggestions on how to best use your data on an everyday basis. The app can suggest how many YouTube videos you will be able to watch, how much time you can spend on social media sites, how much music or videos you can stream and so on.

My Data Manager is flexible enough so you can program it for the data amount you have, and you can configure the app so you see the results that your carrier indicates. If you want you can have a hard cap set up so you will be informed if you are nearing your weekly or monthly limit. If you are close to the limit you can set up the app to shut down your cellular data.

My Data Manager can be configured for multiple data roaming, and there are many ways to view the data, and you can also attach a widget to your device notification so you can see the data easily.

My Data Manager is in short, a very useful program. If you always find yourself wondering where you data goes, then you need this app.

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