Life Fortress Volcabamba is an interesting game that you might want to look into. Apart from the tongue twister title, the game offers a cool gameplay and a fun classic style.

Created using a popular Japanese programming language called Hot Soup Processor (HSP), it showcases a classic feel similar to the MSX games back in the day. The shooter game features six levels that will give you quite a challenge.

Hence, if you have a good amount of spare time and willing to take on a semi-hardcore Japanese game, then this is one to check out. 
As mentioned, there are six levels in the game, but you can only reach the last level by collecting all of the green colored stones first. Keep in mind though that the game is quite difficult to finish. In fact, there’s a big chance you might not finish it at all. However, if you’re up for a good challenge, you’ll find it in this game.

There’s nothing to collect in this game and there’s zip power ups as well. Pretty much, the only thing that you can do is control the direction of the shots. By pressing the fire button and the cursor key at the same time. It’s also possible to rotate the shots clockwise by pressing the X key.

Although the game is pretty good, it can become a bit frustrating especially if you have little patience when trying to beat it. There are no fancy graphics for this one, just very simple, retro-style animation which actually adds a nice touch to the game. One thing to note though is that you need to find a msvcr71.dll file and paste these onto the folder with the unzipped content first so the game will run properly.

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