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Quora is a popular Q&A online platform as it stands out from the others by the quality of the answers. When you post a question in one of the categories, it is answered by members of the Quora community, many of whom are experts in that particular field. Now with the mobile app you can access Quora on the go.

If you have been using the Quora website you will love the app look and feel. The controls are the top and easy to access and you swipe left or right to view the next page. Your home page is well organized and you can arrange the feed by most recent or top stories.

Looking for a specific feature? Tap the search button at the top right and type what you are looking for. The Android app also has a widget so you can quickly get to the top Q&A. The app is a nice tool to read the Q&A, but there are also features here so you can participate in the community.

The app allows you to post questions, answers, comments, upvote, share, follow, edit your profile, message other members and perform the other functions you can on the desktop version. You may also turn on notifications so you will be updated on those you follow. When turned on you will be notified when there is new content.

The app runs smoothly and makes it easy to browse the site and read content. Whether you want to post questions or just read the answers, the app simplifies the process.

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