Lindsay Katt returns to the FrostClick favorites with Happy Fits of Rage. Get ready for some goosebumps as the performance artist/musician/songwriter serenades your ears with an eclectic mix of upbeat melodies and core-driven lines.

Released October 2013, Happy Fits of Rage was Katt’s first solid step to the music industry before Picking Out Boxes, which was also featured here. Happy Fits of Rage has already been featured on ABC’s Switched at Birth.

The four-track collection flawlessly kicks off with Stick by Me. By combining strong, crisp vocals with rhythmic beats and an energized tempo, Katt exemplifies an artist that has marked her signature sound. One thing to love about this piece is its fluidity to be different while maintaining a pop-friendly tune, making it more accessible to listeners.

SHOUT! is a string-driven song that features Katt’s raspy vocals. The track jumps along with apparent perpetual youthfulness and strong acoustic power. While Not a Mistake is a fluid ballad that accelerates and spread some fine moments that are perfect to showcase Katt’s vocal rage.


The album wraps up in an emotional note with Two Part Game. Bask in a heavenly ensemble of piano keys and violin and let this intense and elegant song carry you to bliss.

Happy Fits of Rage presents the listeners a one-way ticket to Lindsay Katt‘s seamless and enjoyable music. Because once you listen to her, you’ll keep coming back for more.

Track List:
1. Stick by Me
3. Not A Mistake
4. Two Part Game

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