lindsay katt

Lindsay Katt: Happy Fits of Rage

Lindsay Katt returns to the FrostClick favorites with Happy Fits of Rage. Get ready for some goosebumps as the performance artist/musician/songwriter serenades your ears with an eclectic mix of upbeat melodies and core-driven lines. Released October 2013, Happy Fits of Rage was Katt’s first solid step to the music industry before Picking Out Boxes, which was also featured here. Happy Fits of Rage has already been featured on ABC’s Switched at Birth.

Lindsay Katt: Picking Out Boxes

Combine Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor and you get the whimsical and fresh sound of Lindsay Katt. In her October 2013 release, Picking Out Boxes, the performance artist/musician/songwriter elicits some goosebumps by combining rich vocals, upbeat indie pop, and some heavy pensive songwriting.