Combine Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor and you get the whimsical and fresh sound of Lindsay Katt. In her October 2013 release, Picking Out Boxes, the performance artist/musician/songwriter elicits some goosebumps by combining rich vocals, upbeat indie pop, and some heavy pensive songwriting.

Seconds upon pressing play and you’ll be immediately hooked with fluttering piano keys in the opening track, My Happy. Lindsay Katt creates her own strange world with her distinct vocal that’s not too sweet or rough.

Out & Bound crafts a celebration of lively piano keys, drums, and cymbals. Press play and let this positive song energize your morning. While Is It You slows things down a bit with hushed, layered vocals and sporadic beats. Steady-flowing guitar arrangement makes this piece an ideal track to calm your senses.

Clocking in at seven is Andie Anne, a brilliant indie pop track that boasts classical violin arrangement and electric guitars. I love how the songs in the album evolves from sugar-filled pieces to edgier, darker tracks like this one.

In Pretty in a Paper Bag, Lindsay Katt treats our ears with flavorful indie pop that jumps into candy colored notes. In between humming and effortless vocal curls, is a radio-polished arrangement that can be at par with its mainstream relatives.

The album closes in an emotional, slow conclusion with Yellowtail. Press play and listen to Lindsay Katt as she belts out emotional lines that’s heartbreaking.

Picking Out Boxes is a great addition to the ever-growing indie pop landscape. It’s a solid, well-produced album that breeds talent, class, and musical sophistication.

Track List:
1. My Happy
2. Out & About
3. Is It You
4. Wretched Unbeliever
5. Fairly
6. Heart Place
7. Andie Anne
8. Pretty in a paper bag
9. Conquest
10. Two Little Birds
11. Promises
12. Yellowtail

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