AutoRap from Smule is a free music app that turns ordinary speech into rap. You just talk and the app will turn it into a rap song. You just need to select from the beats that are available and your speech will be turned into rap complete with beats. It’s a unique app and if you’re a rapper or want to be one, this could be what you’re looking for.

AutoRap is very easy to use. You just speak into your phone and the app will do the rest. While the premium beats require payment, the freestyle beats are more than enough for most, and it’s a lot of fun. Because of the way the app has been designed, you can take your time when preparing a rhyme.

Aside from Rap Mode there’s also rap battle where you can challenge people on your phonebook to some freestyle rapping. You can engage them in some serious turn by turn rapping for three rounds, and AutoRap will change your speeches into rap easily. Aside from challenging your friends the app makes it easy for you to share your creations online on Facebook, by email or Twitter.

AutoRap is a very popular app, and it is updated regularly so you can expect to find new beats every time you use it. Even if you have never rapped a day in your life, the app automates the process so there’s not a lot you need to do except talk. Aside from the rap, there are also several visualizations included that make it even more exciting.

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