Music Memos from Apple is an app that makes it easy for you to arrange and collect your music concepts. Here you can use your iPhone or iPad to record a musical instrument like a guitar or piano and store it as uncompressed audio. However Music Memo does more than that as it lets you tag, rate and name them, plus more.

When you launch the app you’ll see a large record button in the center: no menu settings are needed here. At the top of the interface is the instrument tuner and a list of the recordings you made (“ideas” as the app calls them). To access these you just tap the folder icon or swipe the main screen.


You can press the record button to begin, but in many cases this isn’t even necessary as there’s an optional auto mode that will commence recording when you start playing an instrument. Regardless how you start, the recording button will begin pulsing to indicate the recording process, and there’s a waveform running across the screen’s bottom.

When you’re done, your recording will be on the bottom of the screen and Music Memos separates them into measures and determines the chords you are trying to play. The app does a pretty good job at this but you can change them anytime and adjust the time signature.

Music Memos also lets you add notes to help you remember, puts on some backing instruments with just a tap, and lets you adjust the bass line together with the drumbeat’s complexity. A solid, well made app.

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