Lomotif is an app that allows you to edit music videos for Instagram. Developed by Lomotif Private Limited, it’s the simplest, most efficient way to not just add music, crop and edit them. Unlike other full blown video editors, Lomotif is easy to pick up and learn.

The controls in the app are intuitive, and once you’re done editing, it’s a simple matter to share your creation on Instagram or YouTube. Lomotif lets you add any kind of music you want including the latest chart toppers. Once you’ve added the video, it’s a breeze to edit the material.


In many cases though, that won’t even be necessary since the app automatically edits the clips in the camera into videos. But if it is necessary, you can edit, trim and tweak the videos. The built-in editor is powerful but easy to use, and the intuitive design makes it easy to choose which moments to add.

In addition, it is very simple to change the sequence if you are trying to tell a story. Unlike other mobile editors, you just need to tap one button to set your video in the right format for Instagram. There are two formats here, square for Instagram, and one for YouTube or Facebook.

Aside from those features, Lomotif has several other useful features like cinematographic filters to make your videos more attractive. You can also add titles to the videos. It should be pointed out that the app doesn’t just support Instagram or YouTube but also email and text. If you love to use Instagram, then you’ll find this free app very useful.

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