Clear Vision 3 from DPFlashes Studios puts you in the role of a sniper, and it will more than satisfy your itchy trigger finger. Unlike other games in the genre, it uses stickmen than realistically rendered characters, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Aside from completing several missions you also have to face other challenges.

Clear Vision 3 requires more than just aiming and shooting however, as you also need to go after moving targets, and the distance and wind come into play as well. Design wise the game is basic, but it’s actually what makes it such so addictive as it is very easy to get into. And while your targets are stick figures, they do show some individuality, and there are even background stories for each mission.

Gameplay is very smooth so there are no jerky movements when you’re shooting. In addition you can upgrade your weapons, grips and scopes to help with the missions. The game has IAPs, but it’s not necessary for you to pay to enjoy it, and as long as you play the game you’ll be able to advance to the next levels. However, it is challenging and you’ll need to step up.

The controls in Clear Vision 3 are easy to remember, but you’ll need time to get used to the distance, but it’s something worth learning. In short, Clear Vision 3 is a very good game and offers more than enough action to satisfy enthusiasts. If you’re looking for some action, this is one game you’ll want to try.

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