Kik Messenger is a messenger for smartphones, but not quite like any other. What makes the app click is its compatibility with numerous mobile platforms. There is support for the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and iPad. It is also very fast.

As any smartphone user will tell you, speed is of the essence. With Kik, messages can be seen in real-time. This isn’t like texting when you have to wait for a message to appear. It’s so quick you’ll see messages being typed.


The app’s interface is clean so you should have no problems learning how to use it. The streamline approach makes it easy to read messages. English is the native language used, but there is support for Russian, Portuguese and Brazilian. Upcoming releases are likely to provide more support. But without doubt the most important feature is compatibility. It doesn’t matter what platform your friends are on; the speed isn’t affected.

The application can be also be used for planning trips, picture sharing and generally remain in touch with friends anywhere. The pictures are shared privately, so you do not have to worry about privacy issues. Its Read, Delivered and Sent notifications will keep you informed.

If you have a lot of friends, you can make groups. All you have to do is add your buddies. Kik has support for landscape and portrait keyboards. Kik users can send messages free. There are no restrictions on the number of characters you can send.

There may be other apps like Kik Messenger, but this one is free and runs smoothly. This free app, by the way, doesn’t have any ads. If you want to remain connected with friends regardless of their phone, this is one app worth checking out.

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