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Canva is a graphics and photo editing app that removes the complexity that comes with designing posters, cards, page presentations and webpage graphics. While essentially a graphics layout app, there’s more than enough built-in photo editing tools here, so no need to download another app to edit images.

All you need to do is choose from one of the layout presets, which include business cards, poster, photo collage, Facebook cover etc. or create a blank custom page. Next, use the tabs and layouts to rough out the design concept. Depending on how you want to proceed, the options can be used to create a full page or a starting off point or background.

Basically you just tap and drag the elements you want to add to a page, and you use the same approach for editing and removing elements. There are tons of layouts available, and you can browse their image collection or take photos of your own and use those. The interface is very straightforward, and the icons at the top of the page help you get started quickly.

Aside from the mobile app, there is also an online version available on the official website, and it is as easy to use. You sign in with Google or Facebook and start designing the layout. Just like the mobile app, there are free layout presets to choose from, and editing is drag and drop.

Canva is a very simple app to use, and if you feel overwhelmed by all the elements that are in other graphics and photo editing apps, then give this a try.

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