There are a lot of drawing apps on the iOS and Android, but the problem with these is they’re often too difficult to learn quickly, ending up in added frustration. If you love graphics and colors but don’t want to get worked up about it, try Colorfy from Fun Games for Free – a coloring book app for your mobile, where you do nothing more than color images. Simple yes, but it’s relaxing and soothing.

The app is being labeled as a stress reliever and it certainly lives up to the name. Just like with a real coloring book the app comes with several images in black and white that you can color, and these range from flowers to mandalas, animals, patterns and so on. The app is updated frequently so you don’t have to worry about running out of images to color.

Unlike a real deal however, you don’t have to worry about the color ending up on the line as Colorfy has simplified the process: just choose the area you want to color and apply the appropriate hue. That’s all you need to do, but because many of the images are beautifully complex, you’ll be spending some time filling each line with color.

Sensitivity level is all right, though it might take a few taps here and there to color the smaller areas right. But you’ll get the hang of it pretty soon as the controls are intuitive. To choose colors you just tap the one you want to use from the palette, and pinch to zoom in, and when you’re done, you can share your artwork with friends via Facebook and the other social media links.

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