Retrica is a free photo editing app that’s designed for lovers of selfies. Developed by Sangwon Park, it has special filters and effects that turn ordinary pictures into vintage looking images. With this app you don’t need to use open up a large program just to spice up your image.

Once installed, Retrica gives you access to several kinds of filters, some of which you won’t find in other apps. With the app, you can apply the effect before or after you take a snapshot, and you can create photo collages as well. The app also lets you manage the time interval for snapping photos in consequence.


But the highlight here is definitely the filters that come with it, and it even includes several logos that you can use. There are several photo layouts options available, and preparing your images for Instagram is easy. There are Retrica logo watermarks and they’re pretty cool, but you can turn them off in the settings. You can customize some features, but overall it works great out of the box so to speak.

In addition to the filters, Retrica also lets you import photos off the Saved Album and put filters on them directly, a convenient feature. While the app has a lot of features, it’s easy to use and figure out. While there are a lot of other photo editing apps available, Retrica is definitely something to look at if you like selfies. Unlike other apps, there’s no sense of bloat here, and you get only the features you need for those selfies.

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