Photo Private Lock from Metro 8 has a pretty descriptive name, because that’s exactly what it does, keep your personal photos and videos private. These days we use Widows Mobile as much for work as for personal matters and entertainment, and to prevent people from accidentally seeing your personal stuff, you can use this app to hide them.

Using the app could not be any easier: just select the folders with the photos and videos and hide those with a graphical password. If you want to view the photos and videos, use the password and that’s it, you can view the pictures using its built-in photo viewer. This viewer allows you to zoom in and out, and it also has a nice slideshow feature too.

photo private lock screenshot

If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can access these photos on your PC via a web browser, and you can even copy those photos to your desktop. What’s even cooler is that those photos also have password protection. If you got a bunch of photos you want to upload to your mobile, just zip them together and Private Photo Lock will unzip them.

Although you can password protect existing photos you do have the option of creating new folders for your photos and videos, allowing you to customize them. All in all, this is a very handy app to have around to keep prying eyes away as well as prevent accidental disclosure of personal photos. If you keep private stuff on your Windows mobile, you’ll need this.

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