More and more people are now tuning into Internet radio stations online, as there’s a lot of cool stuff to listen to. With StreamWriter from Alexander Nottelmann, you’ll be able to record streaming audio as you would other broadcasts. The application isn’t just free but open source so there’s a large community supporting it.

StreamWriter lets you record several audio streams at the same time and save them as AAC or mp3, allowing you to listen to the recordings later. Installing the program is easy. During the installation you’re given the option of installing it as a portable version or have it installed at the Windows Registry.


StreamWriter also lets you choose what the default output format will be as well as limit bandwidth to be used for your recordings if you want. After the introductory screen explains the program’s main functions, you’ll be able to record audio. The plain interface makes this easy to do, and only the necessary controls have been included so there’s nothing superfluous here.

The right sidebar shows you user rated streams, and it’s also where the application looks for streams, and just like other radio players can play music. It has a full complement of controls in this regard and you can also save lists, charts and songs. There are also preset stations included and you can add URLs of other stations easily.

When you add a URL, you’ll see it being streamed. If you right click one of the entries you will see a menu with options for managing your recordings. Not only is recording easy, but the sound is pretty good too.

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