Piano8 from JeffBCreating is an easy to learn piano app for Windows 8 that will turn your tablet into a virtual instrument. Even if you can’t play the real thing, Piano8 won’t present any problems. The app looks like one of those toy pianos you used to play as a kid, but with some added super powers.

The interface for Piano8 is clearly designed for touchscreen surfaces, but there’s no problem if you decide to use a keyboard or mouse as they work more than fine. The app is easy enough for kids and fun enough for adults to stay engaged with for quite some time. Piano8 is also updated frequently, so you can expect better performance and possible new cool features rolling in the future.

The design is as simple as it gets, with a full sized piano keyboard on the screen. It is divided into 3 octaves which you can change by tapping or clicking the button. For tablet users, navigation keys are provided on the screen. The app looks good, and the keys are very responsive too.

The keyboard is well-designed, and the animated keys certainly add to the appeal and make it look more real. The home screen looks all right too. Each key is marked with the note it symbolizes, making identification easy. The sound is crisp and clear, and beginning from the lowest key to the highest, it comes off as realistic and satisfying. If you have always wanted to play the piano on your computer, then Piano8 could be just what you were looking for.

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