Checker Pus from developer Jason Savard is a Gmail notification extension for Chrome that does exactly that, but this program can do a lot more. For one thing, it can read the notifications out loud, something other apps can’t do. It’s also very accessible since it’s just a click away on the Chrome toolbar, but there’s more.

If you click the Checker Plus notification you’re going to see detailed mini Gmail appear in the browser. Here you will be able to see all of your messages in the inbox and if you want you can open Gmail directly from here. This is a very convenient feature especially if you’re the type who likes to be notified immediately when there’s new email.

And the app isn’t intrusive: it just pops up when a new email arrives so you have the option of whether to go read it or do it later. If you’re not sure what the mail is about and if it’s urgent, Checker Plus can read some info about it. This read aloud option can only be set if you’re not near your computer, which makes sense of course.

Checker Plus can be customized too: you can turn off the chime, turn text to speech on or off and make adjustments to the pop up options as well. Checker Plus can also track specific labels and notify you about them and even change how the icon on the Chrome toolbar looks like.

To put it simply, this is a complete Gmail notification app that does everything it should and more.

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