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Any.Do is a Chrome extension that, as the name implies, helps you do a little bit of everything on Chrome. There are free apps for Android and the iOS available too and they share similar functions and features. Aside from keeping your to dos synchronized, it’s easy to add new reminders and notes.

The Chrome extension has all the features you would expect from a to do extension like calendar, day planner, and it will even remind to return missed calls. The app also has a folder browser and voice recognition as well, and you sign in via Facebook or Google to access those features.


You can also use to send SMS messages in case you can’t talk to them. If you’re on the phone and you get another call, flashes a “Send Text” message that includes templates like “I’ll call you right back” or “Can’t talk now. What’s Up?”, so you don’t have to type and can send directly. The Chrome extension also lets you convert emails into a to-do list. If you don’t use Gmail, just send an email to using the email address you signed up to Any.Do and your email will be converted into to do notes.

If you’ve filled up Any.Do with a lot of tasks and it’s getting cluttered, just shake your phone and a prompt will show up, confirming you want to delete the finished items. If you’ve got a lot of tasks and looking for a simpler, quicker way to do things, then this is how you do it, with Any.Do.

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