We all have things to do, which is why there are a lot of to do list apps today. What makes Taskade convenient to use is it’s available as a Chrome extension. With a single click you can access it and create your lists, ideas and goals.

After installing the extension, just click it and you’ll be taken to the official website. Just type on the white box to start your list. Once you’re done, you can share the link or copy the link. You use the same approach for ideas, goals and every day tasks you need to do.

You can use Taskade for standalone tasks, or you can do collaboration by sharing with others. To find your lists, create an account on the website (it’s free). When your account is ready, go to My Lists and you will see your lists and tasks. All the tasks you make will be stored there, so with a click of the Taskade button on Chrome, you will be taken there.

You also have full control over who sees your lists. They’re visible only to you by default, but you can change this if you’re doing work with others.

One of the problems with most to do apps and lists is they’re top large. With Taskade, you don’t have to open another app. Just use the extension and you can jot down those notes leaving your browser. In terms of convenience and ease of use, Taskade is tough to beat.

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