Our mobile phone makes it easy to add contacts, and there are even third party apps that do this. But they all have one shortcoming. If your number or anything else changes in your info, there’s no easy way to update your friends’ contact lists. With Addappt you can do that.

Addappt saves you the trouble of having to message all your contacts when your info has changed. Since the app updates your info, you also won’t make the mistake of sending email to a deleted address.

To get the most out of Addappt, your contacts must all have it installed in their mobile. That may seem like a hassle, but it makes sense to do so because whenever one updates their information, the rest are automatically updated. For this feature alone, Addappt is worth downloading.

Version 2.0 has updated the interface so it’s more streamlined. The new Smart Favorites are those contacts set at the top which recall the way you got in touch with that person. Addappt also automatically imports the contact groups in your contacts app so there’s no need to create a contact list from scratch. There’s also a new swipe function that makes it easy to communicate and edit groups.

There are certain must have apps for mobile, and Addappt is one of those. With its ability to sync and update your contact info, it’s going to save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to managing contacts.

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