Brewster is a free address book app that makes it easy for you to better manage your contacts in social media sites like LinkedIn, Gmail and Facebook among others. Developed by Brewster Inc., the app provides you with an straightforward way to merge those contacts and manage them.


What Brewster does is bring together all your contacts from your email and social media in one app. It’s a very convenient feature especially if you have amassed a lot of them. However, Brewster doesn’t just allow you to add one contact after another, as you can also sync them with your Mac contacts, iPad and more.

What really makes Brewster effective is the fact that you can add a lot of details. The contact details may include their birthdays, websites, social profiles, education and employment among others. The app also has a powerful search function so even if you have a thousand contacts or more, you’ll have little trouble finding whoever you are looking for.

In addition to these, Brewster also automatically updates your contacts so you don’t have to. Aside from this, the app also lets you use big pictures and images for everyone for a visual caller ID. There is also an autocomplete feature so you can access phone and email addresses anywhere you are.

The number of services that you can integrate with Brewster is impressive. It includes Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, Yahoo!, iPhone contacts and more. While the app has a lot of features, it is actually very easy to use and makes contact management a breeze to sync.

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