ZenUI Dialer & Contacts from ASUS makes it easy to manage your contacts, log calls and also functions as a dialer. This is an all in one app that keeps your contact info organized and automatically blocks calls. ZenUI also blocks spammers and unknown callers and even lets you personalize the phone with themes.

The app creates the contact list from your address book. When you launch the app your contacts will appear so you just tap the one you want to call. You can organize your contacts into groups (family, co-workers, friends etc) and designate favorites. The app also groups those you call frequently so you do not have to scroll through a long list.

Adding a contact is as simple as tapping the plus button and entering the name and contact info. ZenUI also lets you scroll through all calls, view your history and join duplicate contacts, a handy feature if you have a long contact list.

Its smart blocker automatically gets rid of unknown calls and spammers. With its Smart Search, you just need to partially type a name and ZenUI will fill in the blanks for you. You can also add your contacts to the speed dialer for important numbers. There is also password protection to safeguard your privacy.

ZenUi can also use your mobile device’s camera to record any attempts made to hack in the app. While this is not the only contacts app in the market, its security features and customization are on another level.

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