Mobile games are becoming more intricate, but Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter is not one of them. Developed by OneSoft Studio, it is an arcade shooter where the goal is to shoot down the hordes of alien ships coming at you. It is the classic formula for video games, and Galaxy Attack makes it look refreshing.

The game controls just require you to touch the screen to move your ship. If you have played Galaga you will have a pretty good idea of what Galaxy Attack is about: it is your spaceship versus the hordes of aliens. No complicated storyline here, just shoot the aliens and try not to get blown up.

The early levels are easy and allow you get a feel for the game. Destroy the swarm and a new one appears to begin the next level. The levels become more difficult, but as you pile up the points and advance you will be eligible for a spaceship and weapons upgrades. And you will need these upgrades because the action gets more frenetic in the latter stages.

There are bosses to deal with at the end of levels, but you will not be hapless as your guns and lasers are also powerful. With the simple controls it easy for anyone to pick this up.

Galaxy Attack is great for single player action but it also has a multiplayer mode if you want to play with friends. If you are looking for vintage arcade-style space shooters, Galaxy Attack is the game for you.

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