Space Pioneer is a top-down action shooter with elements of RPG. Developed by Vivid Games, it has you traveling through space, shooting down enemy craft, destroying enemy structures and collect gems and other stuff. You are a bounty hunter and you complete missions on various planets, being paid coins and crystals for upgrading your ship.

Apart from the crystals and gems, there are also coins and loot boxes to buy equipment. There are a lot of missions, enemies and tasks to go through so it is good to know the controls are easy to figure out.

You use your left thumb to control the circle that functions like a joystick. With your right thumb, you control other functions like throwing grenades, constructing turrets, healing and shooting. It sounds like there is a lot do to handle in Space Pioneer, but the controls are actually intuitive.

Space Pioneer is not just about shooting all the enemy craft as you also need to avoid getting hit. One way to do is to circle anti-clockwise direction, as it will keep you off enemy attacks and orbs.

Space Pioneer incorporates more strategy than the average mobile shooter. Your weapons overheat so you cannot just fire at will. Building turrets present challenges and as the levels progress you have to fight hordes of creatures.

Space Pioneer has some really impressive graphics and offers a nice blend of action and RPG. If you love space shooters and smooth gameplay, Space Pioneer is well worth a download.

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